Top Tips For Taking Videos For Websites

For sure you will want your video to look their very best so we have prepared a short list to help you.

Preparation is everything and it is best to get your photos or videos right first time.

  • You can set the aspect ratio on just about every modern camera & device. 16:9 is the standard for use on the web for video. 4:3 is best avoided however we can crop to 16:9 however this will result a slight loss of part of your video.
  • Try to avoid camera shake and keep horizons straight.
  • Using a tripod is the best idea - small ones are available at low cost which is better than nothing and avoids hand held camera shake.
  • Ensure your settings are correct. If in doubt spend a couple of minutes making some tests.
  • Ensure the main subject is in the centre if possible. Avoid the sun's glare.
  • Best videos are taken with the sun behind you - make sure you do not include your shadow.
  • If taking photos indoors use correct lighting and make sure your own image is not captured in a mirror.
  • Windows with bright light shining through are a great way to destroy your video.
  • Check around to see what will be in your video.
  • If your video contains an image of someone you do not know and therefore has not given their consent to be in it we suggest you do not use it especially if you plan to upload on the web.
  • Select the highest resolution available up to 1920 x 1080 pixels which is an aspect ratio of 16:9 if you want to watch your videos on an HD TV. Otherwise select 1280 x 720 pixels.