Flip Book Photo Galleries

Watermarking for photos

The Basics

  • Landscape or portrait
  • Packed with features
  • Best aspect ratio for TV mirroring: 16:9
  • Any similar aspect ratio for others
Feature List  
Background audio Option
Button - backwards / forwards
Button - email sharing Option
Button - phone * Option
Button - thumbnails
Button - social sharing Option
Google analytics ** Option
Logo Option
Logo link Option
Mirror to TV ***
Page flipping sound
Storage - we host ****
Storage - you host
Storage - your device

Phones *

  • Phone number required
  • This feature only works on phones, not tablets, laptops or computers
  • Only recommended for traders - your choice!

Google analytics **

  • Google account required

TV ***

  • Smart TV or Chromecast required

Storage ****

  • Hosting on our servers available at extra cost
  • Password protected directory available at no extra cost
  • A further option is a mini website at extra cost - Price: P.O.A.