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What aspect ratio is best for photos and videos?

For photos

The just need to be all the same aspect ratio & size

If they are not cropping and / or resizing will be needed

For videos

16:9 is used for modern-day computers, hand-held devices & for TV.

4:3 can be used however black bars will be visible in many modern players. This can be overcome by cropping or stretching although the latter is less desirable.

How can I send & receive my photos & videos

Your footage will be too large for email.

Please use which is a free large file transfer service.

What payment methods do you accept?

Card payment online - Mastercard & Visa

Can I see the video before I pay?

A deposit will be required in most cases.

When the work is complete we will publish the video(s) on a link that cannot be found by search engines.

The video will have a watermark that will be removed before we send it to you and following your payment in full.

Can I use any photo, video, soundtrack or music?

Sorry, no. They need to be yours. Other material will be subject to copyright. We will need proof you have permission to use such material.

Can I use a screen cast of someone else's video in my project.

Again, sorry but no. The work is the property of the copyright owner.

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