Color Picker

This is very easy to use and will help you choose your colour preference for elements in your project. Works on devices with touch screens - mobiles, tablets, laptops...

3 Simple Steps

  • Select a colour picker from the list below by clicking / tapping an image
  • When in a colour picker click / tap a coloured area to show the controls
  • We need the alphanumeric code left of each box - you can highlight, copy and paste them

Choose from the 5 options below to pick your colours

Full Page

  • Height 100% minus a small top area for the color picker
  • Perfect for selecting background colours
Full page colour picker

3 Unequal Rows

  • 1x20%, 1x60% & 1x20% height *
  • Perfect for choosing header, body & footer web page colours
Colour picker for choosing web page colours

2 Equal Rows

  • 2x50% height *
  • Perfect for choosing & blending 2 colours
Colour picker with 2 equal height rows

3 Equal Rows

  • 3x33.33% height *
  • Perfect for choosing & blending 3 colours
Colour picker with 3 equal height rows

4 Equal Rows

  • 4x25% height *
  • Perfect for choosing & blending 4 colours
Colour picker with 4 equal height rows

* Full height dependent on screen resolution on some hand-held devices