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Batch Image Optimisation For Websites

The process is done by compression

One one of the best ways to lose a site visitor is to have slow opening web pages

One of the best ways to create such undesirable pages is to have images that have not been optimised!

In our first photo we have an original image from a digital camera.

The second has been optimised for the web.

They may look similar but they are not - check out the specs.

1 MB is 1000KB in decimal & 1,024KB in binary.

Before web photo compression

Specs Before Optimisation

  • Format: JPG
  • 2.15MB = 2150KB in decimal & 2201.6KB in binary
  • 3943 x 2372 pixels
  • Slow web page loading
After web phot compression

Specs After Optimisation

  • Format: JPG
  • 129KB
  • 1070 x 644 pixels
  • Much faster webpage loading