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Image Editing For Websites

Photo Straightening

Before photo straightening
After photo straightening

This process will result in inevitable photo cropping

Photo Enhancing

Before photo enhancing
After photo enhancing

A wide range of enhancements are available. Please specify when placing your order

Photo Cropping / Resizing

Before photo cropping and resizing
After photo cropping and resizing

The first photo started off with an aspect ratio of 4:3. It was cropped and resized converting it to 16:9.
This process achieved the goal of cropping out the girl's legs in the lower right hand corner.
The final result produces perfect photo proportions suitable for use in a slideshow video.

EXIF Removal

Removing photo EXIF

EXIF stands for Exchangeable Image File - What is it?

If the Location / GPS is activated your physical location can be tracked!

With these setting activated your device or camera will record and store information you may not be aware of!

Data written in to your photos will be camera / phone / tablet /model, date, time, software version, lens type, shutter speed, aperture setting, ISO setting, if flash was used and much more.

When you transfer your photos to your computer you also copy all the EXIF data as it is part of the image.

We see many people sending us photos for use on business websites totally unaware of the fact they are telling the world they used an iPhone to capture their images and not the expensive professional photographer they claim to have employed!

If you are a professional photographer you may wish to leave the EXIF from your professional camera - unless you want to hide your photographic secrets to the world!


If you have taken a photo in your own home and published it on a website (most social media platforms delete EXIF on upload) it is possible to download that photo and from the EXIF data your physical home address can be easily found out! The same applies if you share a photo using email.

Let's say your photo contains a valuable item worth thousands.

A thief could use the GPS co-ordinates to find your property, break in and steal the valuable item!

Our message is if you want to publish photos on the web and you do not want anyone to track your physical location have the EXIF removed!

The Map From The GPS LAT LNG Co-ordinates taken from the EXIF

Goole map showing photo location found with EXIF data.

LAT 47.051228, LNG 8.308686
See the location on Google Maps